Role Of Consultants In Study Abroad Journey

At akc, we see study abroad as an opportunity for our student’s future career.

Quite often, students ask us the question what to study abroad, where to go for studies, what level to choose.

If you ask us, these are questions that need to asked later. The first and foremost question one should as is  “ Why Study Abroad?”

The answers for the above question open up a pandora’s box as each student will have a different reason for doing so. That’s where AKC comes in. We provide the correct direction for you and make sure we  Design your Career  through study abroad.

The reasons for studying abroad may be endless. But our primary focus has always been on a student’s career – i.e. either jobs or entrepreneurship. Our students have progressed on to good jobs upon successful graduation and are now in rewarding positions world over.

We make sure our students are clear “ Why do they want to study abroad. “ Based on this , we help them choose the correct destination and the correct course . We invest a lot of time in this as we see our students future as ours too.This is the  AKC Difference  and that’s why 95% of our students transition to careers on successful graduation overseas.

We speak in clear terms and take every individuals’ case very seriously as each and every student has his/her own strengths , likes and preferences. Our counselling creates new opportunities for students and thus we play a major role in designing student careers.

Come to us, get personal, world class career counselling.

About the author:
Aladi Arun
is the founder and CEO of AK Consultants. He is passionate about helping students realise their study abroad aspirations. He helps people in identifying their core strengths and streamlines their study abroad plans and achieve their career goals.

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