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Studying in Canada can be a rewarding experience, as the country is known for its high-quality education system, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes.

Why study in Canada?




Post-study work
permit up to
36 months

Work part-time while study

Co-op programs

1+1 program in Canada

Student Direct Stream for visa

Benefits of SDS

Faster Processing Time :

One of the main advantages of the SDS program is the faster processing time for study permit applications.

Streamlined Requirements :

The SDS program has clear and streamlined requirements, making it easier for eligible students to navigate the application process.

Financial Support :

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Popular Universities

McGill University

(QS ranking 30)​

University of Waterloo

(QS ranking 112)

University of Calgary

(QS ranking 182)​

Western University

(QS ranking 114)​

Dalhousie University

(QS ranking 298)​

University of Victoria

(QS ranking 322)​

The University of Toronto

Rotman School of Management​

University of Manitoba
Brock University
Trent University
Ontario Tech University

Other Institutions

Conestoga College
Centennial College
Sheridan College
George Brown College
Georgian College
Fanshawe College
Fleming College
St. Lawrence College

Cost of Education

UG :

CAD 9,000 – CAD 66,000 per year

PG :

CAD 9,000 – CAD 55,000 per year

Cost of Living :

CAD 20,635

Graduate Certificate in Canadian Culinary Operations

“akc helped me to my process for education. and they guided me with everything. starting from picking college till my visa process”

– Darun

Lambton College

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Canada requires a minimum of 55% and above in your previous educational qualification. If you’re considering universities, the minimum percentage required is 60% and above. Additionally, demonstrating English Proficiency is essential for all applicants.

Canada offers a multitude of exciting options for students seeking to excel in their chosen careers. Delve into various fields, including Business, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Health, Social Services, Broadcasting and Journalism, Hospitality and Tourism, Design, Technology, Sciences, Information Technology, Engineering, Environment, Languages, and Arts.

The costs of fees can vary from Canadian Dollars 10000 and can go up to 35000 per year, depending on the course and institution. Apart from this students will need to set aside CAD 20635 per year for living expenses. Students enrolling in institutions other than universities will need to transfer their living expenses to Canada prior to student visa application. Students will also be required to transfer a part of their tuition fees prior to visa submission.

There are several scholarships available for international students. Most of these are very competitive and will need to be applied well in advance.

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