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My experience as a student, studying abroad in New Zealand

Natasha, from India, shares her New Zealand study abroad journey with us.

From 1 year to 3 years to 8 long years, moving abroad was just a dream until I met AK consultants, Madurai. Moving to a new land is no small feat and it needs a right pair of hands to handhold you through the process. There were many hiccups but each one was taken care to ease the process. What made the difference, Mr. Arun and team were not just consultants but a solid support system during this period of change. I am writing this article to share my genuine life experience in New Zealand.

Arriving in New Zealand was like going to a faraway land to a journey unknown not being a single but being a mother with heaps of commitments ahead.

Who takes decisions to study in their 30s after a decade, I did.
• Who leaves her 6 year old back in India hoping for a better future, I did.
• Who leaves her business which was built out of passion, I did.
• Who leaves a well paid dignified job, with uncertainties ahead, I did.

I should thank my lucky stars; my family was fortunate to get their dependent visas just in 5 days after I arrived New Zealand.
My first leg in the Uni…


It was summer and I still remember, reaching Hamilton at 2 am in the night, I felt I was thrown into nowhere. I would wait until evenings to call my  family in India. Sometimes I felt I’ve taken life’s wrong decision. It took a while to call Hamilton my home.

It was Orientation week at the University of Waikato and I was in awe of being in such a beautiful campus. As a proud mom student, I was trying to get a glimpse of my new classmates and my professors. I started building connections, was conscious in all what I did to keep things in control.

I checked all my priorities, from opening a bank account, to creating IRD accounts, to buying a bus card (now it’s a bee card) while Google maps helped me with short journeys, it was a first-hand life experience, By the end of my first week, I could see a ray of hope and brighter days ahead. My family joined me after a couple of months, it was a sheer fruit of joy.

My academic experience

I chose to pursue Masters in Business and Management at the Waikato University. It is a level 9 one-year course and the method of learning was different. We had to give presentations for each and every paper, mind you public speaking makes my blood run cold. Overtime, I learnt to rip down my fear while I was fortunate to be one of the Dragons Den finalists, where I had to present a sustainable-innovative business plan in front of New Zealand’s renowned businessmen as Judges. What more can I ask for! It doesn’t happen without commitment and hardwork – period.

Networking, Volunteering and Job Hunt

My husband found a job and being a mother and student, I couldn’t take up a part time job. My full focus was to do well in my studies. I took up volunteering to build networks, I was a wellbeing student ambassador for the Wellbeing Hub at the University, I also volunteered to be a Content Creator for Diversity Counselling New Zealand. When time permits, I attended networking events as well. I can’t stress enough as how much networking is crucial to get a good job in New Zealand.

I graduated in December 2020, I started my job hunt, I couldn’t clear my interviews. Pressure started building up! I was haunted with one question from everyone, everywhere – “Did you get a job ?” End of my first month of job hunt, I realized I should get into some job high or low, being a passionate baker, I was opportunistic with one job ad and there you go I got my first part-time job as a baker.

Parallelly, I was applying for full-time jobs in my free time, it took me 6 months to get one. And now I am mighty proud of getting a full-time permanent job with New Zealand Home Loans.



It has been a life changing experience for me and my family. All of this has made me more determined. The journey has been more like a gambit where you sacrifice certain things for a better future. I am forever grateful to my family, friends and finally AK consultants who has been constantly supporting me to play my cards right.

Hope this write-up will serve as motivation for future students planning to study, work and live in New Zealand.

About the author:
Natasha Miranda

Natasha, was a business management student at Waikato University and currently working in New Zealand home loans.

Dream big – Trust no one but your inner self – The world is your oyster.
– Natasha Miranda

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