Study Abroad Parent Experience About Newzealand

Journey to middle earth!

Off to the last country in the world to be inhabited by humans & the first country with universal suffrage, rated in international surveys as one of the world’s most peaceful, least corrupt & safest countries in the world after Iceland. From breathtaking landscapes to lofty mountain peaks and glaciers & mesmerizing blue lakes, the land is known for its wine, lupins, rugby, adventure activities, and scenic train journeys. You can pay with hobbit money, climb the steepest street in the world in the land with more sheep than people.

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu – is the name of a town on the east coast. “God’s own country” and the “Paradise of the Pacific.”

New Zealand, a pacific paradise

Yes, I am talking about New Zealand. A paradise, where A Aladi Arun of AK Consultants, packed my children for their under-graduation , first my daughter in 2012 (New Zealand was little known as popular destination for international studies)., for the Bachelors in HR & operations management and subsequently my son in 2017 for Mechanical Engineering.

My daughter Porvi Fomra, just 17 years of age, flew in a record time in 15 days, from our 1st conversation to the – day she left the country. Admission, visa process, student counseling, homestay, departure & arrival care, all this was a cake-walk, due to Aladi Arun’s intervention & constant updates. Every step was at the speed of lightning. We were startled and impressed by Arun’s meticulous planning, precision & pace. Home stay is always critical to the process. Finding the right one & a good one is a crucial factor to settle for the child. We got it apt for both our children & today they are family to them. All the credit goes to Arun for that.

We have had a few emergencies, pandemic crises, situations of depth & intensity that needed help from a professional & personal space. Aladi Arun has been very forthcoming & helpful like a family. He never made us feel that his responsibility ceases post admissions or course completion. He always went above & beyond. With my son, Dhevesh Fomra, I never had to think twice about an option. Due to his sunshine attitude, AK Consultants was my family’s 1st & only choice. Today, my children have crossed many milestones & are in a haven with an extraordinary quality of life. Both Porvi & Dhevesh have settled with good jobs & full-time work visas & are LIVING THEIR DREAMS. I am overwhelmed by the thought that we have such professionals to take care of with their expertise, advice, resources & personalized touch.

This article does not come out of an obligation but from the bottom of our hearts. My family is thankful to Aladi Arun for ten years of guidance, hand holding & support.

I wish him & his team all the very best!

About the author:
Mamta Fomra

Mother of Porvi & Dhevesh Fomra – successful students from India,  now enjoying their fruits of their hard work in New Zealand. a

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